Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's Makeup Do[s] and Don't[s] ???

M.A.K.E.U.P is like fashion - can be a very personal choice of "Expression". The techniques, products and overall looks you choose depend on such thingy like features, personality and life-style. There is no rules set in stone but here are just a few simple guidelines that can help you to keep good looking and feels your best of it! Gurls, let's check it out yo ^o^


  1. Start makeup on a clean, prepped face
  2. Customize a proper skincare routine
  3. Use makeup remover (Strongly recommand - Shu Uemura Cleanser!) 
  4. Wear sunscreen 
  5. Introduce one new product at a time into your beauty routine
  6. Be your own "Beauty Expert" when testing or buying new products
  7. Change up your skincare/makeup routine seasonally
  8. Be courageous and try something new
  9. Read the ingredient list before purchasing any skin or makeup stuff
  10. IMPORTANT! Check the expiry dates
  11. Clean your brushes and practice good hygiene
  12. Practice techniques often in order to improve
  13. Work with what you've got - highlight the features you love
  14. Get your beauty sleep and take care of your health
  15. Make time to feel beautiful


  1. Expect yourself to be perfect at doing your own makeup
  2. Use products that don't work
  3. Be shy about asking questions or challenging salespeople's advice
  4. Share certain makeup products with others (Especially : lipstick, lip gloss, mascaras and others)
  5. Assume that best-selling products are the best for you!
  6. Go to sleep with makeup on your face (Reminder!!)
  7. Touch your face with your hands excessively (hands are dirty!)
  8. Use beauty products you can't remember buying or using
  9. Make excuses for poor skincare
  10. Be intimidated by makeup stores (narrow down your objectives and make a plan)

LIKE working out? Relaxing? Enjoying? Traveling? No one really has the time but sometimes you have to MAKE the time. Some goes for taking care of your skin and wearing Makeup. It's not about spending thousand of dollars (though that isn't too hard here) or spending hours vainly primping yourself (though that can be FUN too!!) It's more about responding yourself being a person of health and beauty. Deserving to look and feel good! It's a tough world out there, face it with some confidence gurls! And, don't forget to put on your lip gloss! LOL! 

Please feel free to contact me for any "Personal Advice"!

Have a great day everyone ^o^

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