Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lil Bro Special Day ^^

Nickkie : BOY - He is our only brother in the family. Among the siblings, me and my lil bro is the most closes relationship, I think it might because of our aged different for 2 years only ^^ The person that I used to shared night talks, sometimes even fight. scolded, yelling, and end-up get piss + didn't talk with each other for days. LOL! Well, this is what we called "Childhood" right ;) 
Today is his BIG day! I'm kinda proud of him! He's getting married and going to have his own family soon (no longer OUR'S Little Boy, LOL). As a younger sister + Makeup Artist, I would like to make  my brother's fiancee to be more beautiful prettier on these Special Day. Check out our fav below ;) Hope you guys enjoy~

Bride-To-Be : Ms Kristy Tie 
Photog : Ken Min & Jenny   
Makeup : Bronze Brown Day Smokey
Hairdo : Messy Up Do Curl 

ROM Makeup 

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